ecigs_featured1 ecigs_featured2Our electronic cigarettes give you a real smoking sensation with a realistic smoke effect.  It is as simple as that; you can smoke without actually smoking! They can be used in your home, at work, in any vehicle - even in clubs and bars.

If you’re new to electronic cigarettes, our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you select a product that is ideal for you.

vaporizer_featured1 vaporizer_featured2At The Smoke Shop we offer a wide range of vaporizers - from a handheld pipe to high-tech digital. Vaporizers are a great, healthier, alternative to traditional smoking. Vaporizers produce no smoke, so they can be used in your house or apartment without creating a smell. Vaporizers are also more efficient than traditional smoking, as the material isn't burning while you're not using it.  

Vaporizers work by heating the smoking substance to a temperature hot enough to vaporize the material without burning it, so you do not inhale any smoke or harmful by-products like tar or carbon monoxide.

scale_featured1 scale_featured2Digital scales are the new standard when it comes to measuring weight. Our digital scales are designed to be portable and accurate, making sure that your      measurements are correct every time.

With a number of digital weighing scales in the market, you have to be keen about the type of scale you purchase. At The Smoke Shop we have a wide range of digital scales for your selection and will help you make the right choice for your needs.