At The Smoke Shop we want our customers to have the best smoking experience possible – one free from additives and chemicals. That’s why our all-natural cigarettes are made with only the finest 100% natural tobaccos.

There are hundreds of chemicals found in prepackaged commercial cigarettes, and, if you are not smoking a The Smoke Shop additive-free cigarette, then that is what you are getting. We are not saying that there are healthy cigarettes, and we’re not suggesting that anyone start to smoke, but, it's an adult’s decision. If you are an adult and choose to smoke, then why not choose to limit your exposure to additional potentially harmful substances!

It’s simple…you save big $, and get a higher quality smoke!

It’s a no brainer!

If you smoke a pack a day, you can save about $1,460.00 a year by buying The Smoke Shop cigarettes.  



An all-natural, additive-free blend - producing a unique, smooth taste. Premium Virginia, a touch of Oriental, and a rich Burley gives that solid flavour with very pleasant aromatic qualities. This is a lower palate blend that is both rich and chewy.



A mild tobacco containing an all-natural, additive-free, blend of Light Virginia and Burley tobaccos giving a very clean mild mannered flavour with the taste of true premium tobaccos. This tobacco also has just a touch of the finest oriental leaf in it.



A mild tobacco - all-natural, additive-free blend of Light Virginia and Burley tobaccos, giving a very clean mild mannered flavour with the taste of true premium tobaccos.

This tobacco also has just a touch of the finest oriental leaf in it.



An extra light blend made especially for the Ultra Light smoker.

An all-natural, additive-free blend of Rich Burley tobaccos, with light sweet Virginia gives this blend a light aromatic quality.

We would like to remind you that NO smoking is good for you; so, if you don’t smoke, don’t start.

If you do smoke, smoke smart and save with THE SMOKE SHOP’S all-natural cigarettes.


Our All-Natural Cigarettes can be purchased from the following retail locations:

Arnolds - St Johns Rd

Arnolds - Front St

Arnolds Warehouse - (PJ's)

Arnolds Maximart - West End

Arnolds SuperMarket & Liquors - Somerset

Belvins - Flatts

Belvins - Happy Valley

Belvins - Devonshire

Budd's Liquors - Somerset Village

Bo's Lawn Equipment - Warwick

C-Mart - Northshore

Churchill's - St Georges

Cousin's Variety - St Georges

Dandy Town - Devonshire

Dub City - Craw Hill

Esso Sandys - Royal Naval Field

Front Street Wines & Liquors - Front St 

Fun Golf - Dockyard

Henry VIII Pantry - Southshore 

Howards Mini Mart - Devonshire

Island Outfitters - Dockyard

M. Soares & Sons - Spanish Point

Northshore Rubis - Devonshire

Pier 41 Dock Shop - Dockyard

Point Mart - Spanish Point

Port Royal Esso - Rockaway

Robinson Marina - Somerset Bridge

Rubis - Causeway

Rubis - Waterfront

Serpentine Liquors - Serpentine Road

Southshore Rubis - Warwick Gas

The Hub - Warwick

The Wok - Hamilton


-       Cigarettes stay fresh for FOUR weeks from the date of purchase.

-       Cigarettes should be stored at room temperature.

-       An air-tight bag or container will help keep cigarettes fresh, and a ‘water pillow’ can be purchased from The Smoke Shop to keep them fresh longer.


Why is there loose tobacco in my packs and/or carton?

It is nearly impossible to manufacture the ‘perfect’ cigarette without additives and preservatives, so minimal ‘shake’ is normal. We guarantee about 98% of the cigarette to be perfectly smokeable, but, if you are dissatisfied, bring your short cigarettes to The Smoke Shop and have them exchanged- FOR FREE.

Where does your tobacco come from? Our tobacco is a customized blend from farms in the Carolinas and Virginia in the United States.

OUR cigarettes are all NATURAL grade A tobacco no additives or preservatives locally made cigarettes.